Thursday, 18 August 2011

Felt Clowns!

Well, today was the last workshop i got to do at my local library. It was really very fun and more than a little bit challenging this week. They had to make, felt clowns. I got the idea a couple of months ago from Felt Mistress when she came to my uni to do her own felt workshop. It was quite difficult with children because they couldn't stitch like i could in Felt Mistresses workshop so i had to find a glue that would work. Which posed its own problems of too much glue making the felt tacky (which happened ALOT!) anywho, heres some photos of their clowns. I gave mine to one of the girls so i don't have my example to show you, but to be honest, theirs were better :)

The age range of the children was 6-11 years old so their abilities were really varied but every one of them did well for their age and ability.

If i had to have a favourite i think it would be this one, the expression on the face is ace!

That is all. Book cover No#2 is on its way :)

Take care

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