Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another Progress Report

My portfolio is printed, and I have spent around 4 hours this morning measuring, cutting, cutting wrong, getting a new piece of paper, cutting again and finally sticking and I only had to use one plaster! I feel I'm slowly starting to get there with my work now, all I have to do is get my prints done for my end of year show next week and I'm ready to roll for exhibition week the week after - woo! I want to try and get everything done in this next week as in get my prints sorted as the printer I used has not worked and I'm not happy with the quality of the prints. I phoned them and told them this, so they are attempting to use a different paper and hopefully it will work, if not I have to spend next week trying to find a good enough alternative. The reason I want to get everything sorted next week is because the week after is exhibition week and I want to help out with the preparation of that as much as I can, and then in the evenings at home I can be sorting out my sketchbooks and folders etc. Doing all the little jobs basically! Although I've spent the last week doing lots of little jobs, there still seems to be lots of others to do! The list doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!

Oh well, two weeks Wednesday and it will all be over - it will be a weird feeling I'm sure but brilliant at the same time!

Take care

Nia E

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