Monday, 16 May 2011

The Two Week Mark

Well, there's pretty much only two weeks left until my university life is over for good. Part of me.....a big part of me, will be very grateful, but I think there's a small part of me that will be sad. It is nice having a place to go every day, people to talk to and some you can even call your friend. Soon that's all going to dissapear and we will all go our separate ways. I've been in Glyndwr less than others there, but I was beginning to feel at home there.

Anywho, enough of that soppy stuff, progress report take three:

Today, I started to make my second mock up book for MacMillan just in case for any reason I don't get my originals back from McMillan in time, I'm hoping I will. I did however receive my new prints today and they are a hundred times better than the first attempt so I'm very happy and all set for the exhibition now - Woo! I got a call from a sign place today where I have had my logo made and that is ready to collect tomorrow as well as my brochures with samples of my work in, they are also going to arrive tomorrow, but I may have to go pick them up on Wednesday from the post office as I might not be here when they arrive and I'll probably have to sign for them. My portfolio is now done, with the exception of two labels which will get printed on Friday. So everything is coming together nicely really, it feels weird that I'm not frantically busy with it being the end of the year, but next week, exhibition week will probably be a different matter. I want to help as much as I can in exhibition week, which is why I am trying to get all my work done this week so that there's only very little things to do next week and weekend. It's getting so close to the deadline now that it's really exciting and I just want it to get here, I want exhibition week to get here so that I can feel I am getting somewhere, as it is at the moment I'm plodding on with my work hoping there's things I haven't forgotten to do and if there's anything else I can do with my time. I've lost nearly a stone in the last two months through stress.......suppose that's a good side effect! There's also quite a few people who are at the same stage as me and pretty much done or will be done this week, which is brilliant really, I don't understand people who leave everything to the very last week, like they are going to produce the best work of their lives in the last week of uni, but still, I worry that I should be busier.....Probably feel differently in exhibition week no doubt.

Take Care

Nia E

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