Thursday, 12 May 2011

It's like packing for a holiday

When i was thinking about the stress of what the end of the third year is like, i thought about when you go on holiday. You know good times are ahead and so so close, but you have to remember everything first and not forget your toothbrush. Getting everything ready for third year assessments is a bit like that, theres lots of little things to remember.....lots of little things and you don't want to remember that you've forgotten something when you've just pulled onto the Motorway and are on the way!

I have no idea if that made any kind of sense, but in my stress frazzled brain it makes perfect and utter sense.

Good Luck to all my Swansea chums who are handing their work in tomorrow - your suitcase is packed, you just need to remember to turn the computer off..........see, I'm not sure I even understand that.

In other news its my Mams birthday today and we are off to see John Bishop tonight in Manchester, perhaps a laugh will straighten out my brain.

Take care

Nia E

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