Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Progress Report

Well, there's only a few weeks left now until the final show has to be set up and a years worth of work has to be handed in. It's quite crazy how much work your acquire over a year and rather infuriating trying to organise it all! Last night, i ordered my business cards, postcards and stickers off I'm  really excited to see them arrive in the post, scheduled to be the 23rd of May....exhibition week! Today i have been to visit a sign maker called Excel Signs to get an acrylic material thingy of my logo made for my exhibition. I'm also really excited about getting that next week. My portfolio is ready for printing and scheduled to be done on friday, so everything is in the works and now i just have to play the waiting game which i am finding really frustrating, i want to get on with getting everything done but need to wait for things to be printed etc I also have to wait for my biggest project of the year to be returned to me, hopefully in time for the exhibition as its what my exhibition is about! So for now, to keep myself busy, i am trying to complete anything i can without needing the things i am waiting for and also creating a poster image to help promote the skydive i am doing in August. So plenty to keep me going really and not long left until it's all over.

 Logo to be made out of Acrylic

Take Care

Nia E

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