Monday, 23 May 2011

The Week of Weeks

Well, its officially the last week, people are pretty stressed and busy getting things done. I've had my work back form MacMillan, which means I don't have to buy a new portfolio - yay! Although it would have been nice to win McMillan but oh well. My work is already mounted and framed ready for the exhibition, my portfolio is now it its folder and looking all fancy so now all that is left to do is organise my work, label it and make sure i don't forget to hand anything in! (learning from previous experience) I do want to spend alot of time this week helping with the exhibition but there wasn't much going on today, more people trying to mount their work which i did help with a little bit. So on with getting everything finished!

On another note, I've started doing research for projects after my university life. This at the moment is mostly the workshops I'm doing in my local library. They are workshops for children aged 7-11, so I'm trying to think of things that will take two hours to do, is not too difficult for them and is also not boring! After the felt mistress workshop I did a couple of months ago i thought making a felt clown would be nice for one of the workshops (as the theme is circus) the only problem i have had with this is decorating the felt, but I've managed to find a felt glue that will hopefully work because they wont be able to use needles to stitch. Another idea I have had is to do a pop up card on which they can make their own circus scene, it sounds a bit odd but I'll put pictures up when I am further along. The last idea I have had is salt dough animals! Yay! They have asked me to start looking at materials i want, this is a bit annoying because I don't know their budget, so I'm making notes at adding up everything so that i don't get carried away, so far the bill is £67 without the felt. I need to have a sit down with the childrens librarian and really organise things with her but I don't think I'm going to get chance to do that before the end of my degree next week but plenty of time afterwards!

Bit of a boring blog entry with no pictures, but have no fear, heres one for you!

Flint and Penny models from the picture book I did this year :)

Take care

Nia E

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